Happy New Year’s

The holidays are a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future.  This past year has been tumultuous for progressives in Oklahoma and nationally.  We have witnessed attacks on the core values that affect a majority of Americans.  Issues like civil and human rights, voting rights, the environment, providing essential social services, fair treatment for the GLBT community, outsourcing of jobs by multinational corporations, equality, separation of church and state, rational and compassionate treatment for undocumented immigrants, campaign finance reform, and safeguarding social security and medicare for future generations.  In each  case, core progressive and American values have been under attack.  This important and partial list of issues in play, show that we are not being well represented by our elected officials, especially in Oklahoma.  What do we need to do to bring about needed change in Oklahoma to ensure a healthy political future?

1. Strengthen our voice and tell our story in Oklahoma.  We can accomplish this through use of radio, internet, social networking, podcasting, live internet radio, low power FM for non-profits and through the effective use of websites and newsletters.
2.  Educate voters by telling our story.
3.  Register new sympathetic voters, particularly on college campuses.
4.  We need to raise money to help tell our story.  Concerts, coffee sales, dinners and receptions are some of the ways we can raise funds.
5.  Identify quality candidates who will back issues important to progressives.  Use our story and our financial support to nominate and elect these candidates.
6. Join forces with sympathetic organizations who can help bring about the change we need and desire.

This was written to share some ideas with you on how to affect political and social change in Oklahoma.  Many great ideas exist for fomenting positive change. That’s where we need you!

We have lots of politically aware and progressive friends on facebook.  Their political posts show that they also believe in what is best for the majority of Oklahomans and Americans.  They are progressive in thought and a very eclectic and diverse group. They are talented, educated, and thoughtful people.  We need to harness their talents and together we achieve great things!

Please make a New Year’s resolution to become more involved and to use your talents to help bring about progressive political change in Oklahoma.  Oklahoma may be the reddest state in the union and may be laughed at nationally, but it is our chosen home. Together we can bring about positive.  People will marvel and be amazed about how we changed things in our home state.  I am ready for such a day.  We all know people who can help.  Get them onboard and together let’s make some positive and progressive changes in Oklahoma.

Join the Brennan Society today!  We are the new kid on the block and the newest progressive organization in the state.  Together we can make Oklahoma the state we want it to be.  Together we can be proud of a new progressive and inclusive Oklahoma.  For more information on the Brennan Society, please visit our website or facebook page or e-mailtomguild@sbcglobal.net.  If not us—who?  If not now, when?


About Brennan Society

A Group in Oklahoma City, OK that formed as a result of the 2010 elections whose members work to Promote Progressive Ideals, Issues and Candidates.
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