For Immediate release: The Brennan Society of Oklahoma Forms to Promote Progressive Ideals, Issues and Candidates.



Dr. Tom Guild, Brennan Society Justice



The Brennan Society of Oklahoma Forms to Promote Progressive Ideals, Issues and Candidates.

In response to the outcome of the elections in the fall of 2010 and recent actions in Congress and the state legislature, a new progressive organization, The Brennan Society of Oklahoma, announces its formation.  The organization, whose active membership is over 100, is a non-partisan group that aims to promote progressive ideals, issues and candidates.

Led by a nine-member Supreme Court of nine elected Brennan Society Justices, and inspired by the progressive views of the late Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court William J. Brennan, Jr., group members agree to support at least six of seven core progressive issues. These ideals and cherished values, staples among the progressive community, are—

  • Government Funding for Stem Cell Research
  • Equal Rights for the GLBT Community
  • Preserving and Protecting Social Security
  • Supporting Implementation of the Affordable Care Act of 2010
  • Providing Affordable and Quality Education for All People to Compete with Other Developed and Emerging Economies
  • Promoting Tolerance, Peace, and Social Harmony Among All People
  • Supporting the Right to Organize and Collectively Bargain.

Recent controversial comments made by Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern exemplify the need for a broad-based progressive organization. Dr. Tom Guild, one of the group’s founders said, “People like Sally Kern are too common in the Oklahoma culture. We need to expand our view of who is entitled to full citizenship rights. Women, blacks, Hispanics, and gay people are a part of the future and fabric of our state.  Diversity is imperative if we wish to have a vibrant and innovative business community.”

Preserving and protecting Social Security and Medicare are critical to our state and nation. The Brennan Society will fight attempts to privatize Social Security and to turn Medicare into a voucher system.  “Protecting seniors and those who are the most vulnerable in our society is a high priority.  We won’t allow the budget to be balanced on the backs of seniors and other vulnerable individuals just to pay for bigger tax cuts for the most affluent in our country,” stated Justice Guild.

The Brennan Society meets in Edmond monthly and encourages fellow progressives to become members of the group, as it strives to build a more compassionate, community driven and competent government in Oklahoma. Visit The Brennan Society at:

For additional information, Contact: Dr Tom Guild, 405-921-3811,

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About Brennan Society

A Group in Oklahoma City, OK that formed as a result of the 2010 elections whose members work to Promote Progressive Ideals, Issues and Candidates.
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