Brennan Society Justice Election & Member Update

The following individuals were elected this afternoon as Brennan Society Justices—Jane Anderson, Susan Bishop, Connor Bannon, Ismat Esrar, Tom Guild, Stephan Hamilton, Gene Hunt, Helen Kusek, and Elizabeth Overman. Jane, Susan, Ismat, Stephan, and Elizabeth were elected to one-year terms. Connor, Tom, Gene, and Helen were elected to two-year terms. Three people present at today’s meeting, Susan Bishop-Gonzalo Guaman-and Ginny King, renewed their memberships for 2013. Congratulations to our new justices and newly renewed members! We now have 43 new or renewed members for 2013!


About Brennan Society

A Group in Oklahoma City, OK that formed as a result of the 2010 elections whose members work to Promote Progressive Ideals, Issues and Candidates.
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